Frugal Boater: Sail Cover Painting

Since our sails and sail covers were off, it seemed like a good time to do something I had wanted to do for a while. Adding our name to our mainsail cover. Although the process was a little slow, it was fairly straight forward and simple.

What you’ll need: A sail cover, computer, printer and paper, tape, acrylic paint, paint brushes, and carbon paper.¬†You’ll also need poster software. I used “Easy Poster Printer“, it’s free for PC’s.

I used the same font we used for the name on our stern. Of course you can use any font you want. If you’re looking for the easy button choose block lettering. I then blew it up to the appropriate size using “Easy Poster Printer” for PC’s. Just print, and tape the pages together. Carefully position the paper on the sail cover, then slip some carbon paper under it and trace with a stylus. I used a pen with the ball point retracted.

Once you have the design transferred, it’s a matter of taking your time and painting inside the lines. If you had some minor shifting of the pattern as you traced it’s easy to fix during the painting stage. I used acrylic paint because it adheres well to fabric without hurting it. I have used it in the past to restore sail insignia. It holds up pretty well, and you can always touch it up. I’m no sign painter, but I managed to stay inside the lines most of the time.

I like the finished product, especially since our Mack Pack covers are usually on display even while we’re sailing. If your boat sits at a dock, this makes it easy for people on the dock to identify your boat.

So the next time you have some time and want to add a little custom touch to your boat, go for it!

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