Metropolis, IL to Cumberland River Junction

At first light we were heading farther up the Ohio River, bound for the Cumberland River. The current was gentle and we were making almost 6 kts speed over ground. Did you ever see something and just know that it was designed by a man? We had one of those moments not far from Metropolis.

The day was fairly uneventful, other than meeting a few tows. The Ohio is wide, with little current though,so drama was at a minimum. One of the more unusual sights was this old river boat, being torn apart for salvage.

We stopped for the night at a place called Cumberland Island Towhead, just half a mile from where the Ohio and Cumberland rivers meet. In the still water we saw hundreds of fish (we think Asian Carp) feeding at the surface.

We did some beer drinking… uh fishing. She caught and released a couple small catfish. We generally just relaxed and watched the sunset. ┬áThe perfect end to a relaxing day.

Sitting well out of the channel in a beautiful protected anchorage. Watching the setting sun as the tows go by. This is why we made this trip.

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